About us

Who is

Twin Rhino?

Where it began

In 2015 Alan created this site to showcase his photographical work via the help of a personal website which became a blog in the early years. This became an online portfolio in 2020 to show businesness around the world the capabilities of web design. We provide a good quality and easy to navigate website according to your needs.

Twin Rhino - Hong Kong - Lantau Peak

Step 1

Preparation of the project.

First we communicate with the client to get a clear picture of their needs.

Step 2

Design phase.

Then we start to design the website and give the client frequent updates of the process. We use sketches to illustrate our workflow.

Step 3

Developing phase.

After both parties agree with the design we start to install WordPress and create all pages of the project.

Step 4

Finalising the project.

We will then send the client a final preview and add final details accordingly. Your website goes live and we will hand over the admin rights to you.

Software we use

WordPress is our tool to create beautiful websites just for you and with the Divi plugin from Elegant Themes this is the perfect match. With Google Analytics we can learn how people find your website and work on deficiancies more easily. And Last but not least we perfect our images with Photoshop and Lightroom to make them look even better.


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Google Analytics 

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Can you edit the website yourself?

Yes, you can. Even without knowing how to code you can simply edit all text and pictures or change the design of your website.

How much do we charge?

Building a complete functional website is not easy to define its price, so we start at a base price of 600 USD or 500 EUR. Depending on the needs of the client we determine our final price. Complexity, size, amount of content, the base price could go up accordingly.

A detailed invoice will be send to you with the exact website costs per project.

Who owns the website?

We don’t own anything, it is you who owns the finished website. We could give you full admin rights, so you could even remove our access to it.

We only want to place the website on our portfolio.

When will the website be ready?

Depending on complexity this can take up to 1 month or 2 months. We do our very best to perfect every detail of the website and its functionality.